Saturday, August 27, 2016


Healing and Serving

We all have a story and a journey.  Some of our work  -  called to teach and share -  has taken us to some of the deepest hurting places in the world, deep into the hearts of wounded people.  Cambodia, still reeling from the Khmer Rouge regime and the killing fields - and the ongoing exploitation of children.  In India the crowded cities, homelessness and poverty that prevails - exposing many to pain and suffering.  

We find persons who cannot forgive, holding onto the past and not being able to walk in the fullness of joy and peace - and the fullness of a life of well-being.  We hear stories of how some who work with wounded children have great difficulty due to the reminder of their own childhood and that no one protected them and kept them safe.

Here in India over the last weeks, many such stories were told and shared - journeys of caregivers - reaching deep into their own pain to find solace and peace - wanting to help children, but also wanting help themselves.  We cried, prayed and just listened over and over again.  We saw tears, heard hearts and enjoyed the laughter coming from those who are serving vulnerable and exploited children and youth and have stories.

One young woman grieves her lost childhood, another young person commits to bringing others off the street, another hugs his children and says they will never face these issues again.  One orphanage director pleads for us to come and teach all his staff, caregivers and church family members about the impact of trauma.  

Oh how difficult this all is.  Our hearts break over and over again, yet we also have hope.

"As a result of this training, I will do things so differently in the future," says one woman from Mumbai who works with those rescued from the sex trade. 

"We needed hundreds of people here," says another woman from Kolkata.  Going on to say, "we have 80 sites and everyone of them should have been here."

Yes, India is hurting - trauma is cutting away at the core of the helpers and those in their care.  With gentle hearts and strong determination they continue to go forth.  So we journey with them  - to bring healing to the they can lead the little children to a life of safety and well-being.  We are called to activate and equip and the journey will continue as we are called to share and serve.  

Join us in the journey - support the work - encourage a hurting person - adopt a child.  There is much you can do. 

Pictures to follow - the streets of the busy section of the city.

Mother Teresa's home.

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