Wednesday, March 25, 2015


“Please don't be mad, you don’t know my story.”

He was a teacher, is a believer and had a very soft spot for vulnerable children.  One day when a young boy showed up at school without his homework, he was about to issue the consequences, when the boy turned to him and said words that would change his course in life forever!

“Please Mr. Yashin, I am sorry.  I wanted to get the homework done, but my mother and I had to hide last night because my father was chasing us with an ax.”

He walked away, went into a room and wept.  The realities of children who come from a hard place hit him square between the eyes.  History was being made that day.

Mr. Yashin – now Pastor Yashin and his wife Natasha care for 25 vulnerable, exploited and orphaned children.  He is now our leader in the Kyrgyzstan Without Orphans Movement and he carries the message of hope everywhere – the message of adoption and the message of permanence for children. 

You see every child – has a story.  We can be quick to judge behavior and define a child – but have we taken the time to know their story?

Our work here is to hear the stories, to calm the hearts and love each child through the brokenness.  Today, we were reminded of our years in this journey:

Seeing our Dayspring Yulia in her adopted home.

Visiting with Isulu and Kumashai (former Jeremiah and Dayspring youth) in their home – where they were reunited along with their two (Jeremiah) brothers – visiting with mom and dad and hearing stories of hope and promise.  Being served tea and monte prepared just for us.

And yes – just knowing that each day there is opportunity to make a difference.  Today we celebrated the reason we are here!  Bringing orphans home.  

Thank you Father!

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