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MYANMAR (Burma) 

To witness the fire and hope that was generated out of these days here in Cambodia touched our hearts deeply.  In a country and region of the world that has undergone such a tragic past - we can only say Cambodia is rising to a new place.

First the people are wonderful, kind and so gentle.  Yet, they speak openly of pain, challenges and the struggle to move into a new place - where families are strong and children are a treasure to all.  The commitments from the days here - coming from the participants were ones of promise and change.  Putting children first, teaching and keeping children as a primary topic in the church - focusing on the younger generation to ensure they are elevated to a place of inclusion in all the ministry of the church and ministry programs.  

No longer will vulnerable children be ignored, forgotten and considered a lesser part of the church.  This group of leaders stepped out making commitments to this as well as other commitments to REACH, RESCUE, ROOT AND RELEASE children as partners in their ministry programs.

In sharing in the area of trauma - I was overwhelmed with the stories that were shared with me after speaking and teaching.  One gentleman came to me and wanted to ask a question, "If a person were one of the young persons made to be part of the killing being done during the Khmer Rouge/Pol Pot era, and they are now a believer, will their trauma eventually leave them?"    Another person asked, "My daughter does not show any love to my grandchild, will this have an impact on her later in life?"

And the questions and comments continued.  Trauma potentially has such a long term life impact.  Talking to so many - knowing each story and question comes from someone looking for hope, healing and assurance of resolve or relief from pain - stops you immediately and reminds you of the importance of continuing the work of teaching in Trauma - to be a helper to those with such questions.

The biggest indicator of the importance of this topic came with the many requests to please come back, come to my country - when will you do more training on this topic?  And our commitment?  To work tirelessly in sharing, teaching, consulting to serve vulnerable children, orphans and crisis families. 

You see - things are changing in our world.  The church is rising UP and we believe we will see a change - where children are being nurtured in families - orphans are being adopted by loving mothers and fathers - and we will see the movement where we do have A WORLD WITHOUT ORPHANS.

JAMES 1:27 - Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.

PS. 69:6 - God sets the lonely in families.......

Over 40 from Vietnam...

Cambodian children dancing for us...

"The children are the reason we are here...."
Our leader - Tri Budiardjo with the children who served us....

Praying for the children of Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand....

Preparing to start our day..

Sharing on the Impact of Trauma....

Seeing the slides translated into Khmer  - humbling...

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