Thursday, October 23, 2014



Each day in training is a major opportunity to make a difference in the lives of a child.  We have received several emails already from participants from South Africa and Botswana, here is one that has really touched our hearts:

Hello mum,

I hope you enjoyed all the 3 days of your stay here, and arrived home safely.  I am sending a thank you note for the wonderful training I received.  I was so wonderful in deed, this training really made me realise myself, understand who I am, what I want in my life,  what I will be doing during my retirement life.  It has already helped me change to improved life style of my son who used to be so naughty and troublesome.  For the past 3 days he is just a happy boy who enjoys playing with his mum, chatting and discussing real life issues.  This has been  history because he was always not sure when to say what to me, whether what he will say is right or not.  He truly sees a loving mum this time around.  lAst night he asked me, mum you look so happy since Monday what happened?

I doubtlessly belief that this is going to lead me well to my task of care giving to the traumatized which has long been my passion.
I thank you very much and say Hi to Dad Lygn.  I love all.
We praise HIM for opportunities to serve the nations.  Who would have ever guessed we might be called for a time such as this.  Trauma Informed Care is needed everywhere - children are suffering - parents, caregivers and workers are facing challenges that wears them down.  Yet today - we see how one training, one moment in time might make a difference in the lives of a family! and in the life of a CHILD.

TODAY WE VISITED SOS Villages of Botswana.  They have three sites in Botswana - serving over 2500 children.  We also visited an organization focused on protecting the rights of a child.  They could not come to the training due to funding....oh how we wish we had known as we know you our sponsors would have helped with this.  However, we did not find out about this until today and the training is over.  So.....

OUR COMMITMENT -if we come back we will train your staff at your site - which was a welcomed offer.  Praying for a return to South Africa, Botswana and even potentially East Africa in the fall of 2015.  Praying for His direction.

The LAMb Team

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