Wednesday, August 14, 2013



yet it is RICH with wonderful people.  Here is a little update on the things you might be interested in:

1.  Dayspring and Jeremiah children are at the Christian camp with Costa and Olga.
2.  Life Skills will be starting again soon at Red River and one of the trainers will be one of our Jeremiah House "kids"
3.  We are coordinating and getting ready to start a "Cottage Industry" with Jeremiah House - a sewing room. (Check out the Jeremiah Tab above - or the Jeremiah blog.)
4.  The Wright girls are heading back "home' to Kyrgyzstan on Saturday, with John and Julie following in September. 
5.  Costa and Olga are teaching at the camp.
6.  Mayor's office is still working together with us as we move forward with a foster care project.
7.  Dasha (Dayspring child who had the heart surgery) will have eye surgery this month. (all sponsored)
8.  Diloram (from IUCA) will be heading to Alaska this fall to study and volunteer at Hope - the same as Larissa and Tanya last year.  This increases our capacity for volunteers in Kyrgyzstan - with skills.
9.  Olga will heading to Texas to study at Texas Christian with Dr. Karen Purvis - learning Trust Based Relational Therapy skills...ready to carry back and implement within Kyrgyzstan.
10. School starts soon and it is time to get school shoes and clothes for growing children.
11.  Pastor David will be heading to Kyrgyzstan in September...working with our team and IUCA.
12.  Costa is coordinating with the churches in Bishkek to raise awareness of the orphan challenge.
13.  Planning for the spring KYRGYZSTAN WITHOUT ORPHAN conference - mobilizing churches - many will be involved.

And we are planning a team for the SPRING - you can join us...

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