Friday, July 19, 2013


Making Plans – Knowing He will Direct Our Steps

Things in Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Nicaragua are really moving.  In Kyrgyzstan, the kids are going to camp at Lake Issukul and summer is proving to be a great time for swimming and just being together.  This camp was sponsored by the Tokmok mayor’s office.  A wonderful blessing from our partners at the mayor’s office.

Here are some additional important updates for this summer AND on into fall: 
  •  Anya is still at home.  Her father has been convinced to go into rehab for his drinking problem.  Olga, Costa, Katya and Andre are very involved with the family – supporting them and keeping in close contact with the children.  Anya will join the girls from Dayspring and go to camp with them.    
  • Katya and Andre are conducting the camp -  a Christian camp for children from crisis families.  Our children will be able to go to this camp as well.  (Katya is our Life Skill trainer!)
  • Costa and Olga will help with the camp – teaching and doing crafts with the children.
  •  Fall will be full of activity as will winter of this year.  We head off to Ukraine the end of August.   Lynn is going straight to Ukraine.  Ruby will be in Bangladesh and India working with World Without Orphans – planning and strategizing with nationals who are working in their own countries moving forward to address the global orphan crisis.
  •  Lynn and Ruby will be conducting a church conference for families in Southern Ukraine in September, along with doing leadership training to some key leaders who are working with orphans through their church or NGO ministries.
  • Ruby will be in Russia - as an invited participant in the American Russian Forum - this will take place September, 2013, conducting training in the area of Trauma.
  •  Jayne and David are heading to Armenia and then on to Ukraine in September to conduct training in the area of Trauma.  David will go on to Kyrgyzstan to work with the University of Central Asia and other individuals we work with there – including our Jeremiah youth and Dayspring girls.
  •  Then in November Pastor David and Jayne will head to Russia/Siberia.  LAMb International was able to join Pastor Illya and Janet Bansteev last year.  This year, Pastor David and Jayne will join them to conduct training in the area of Trauma – in addition they will do the same in Irskutz, Siberia.
  •  Lynn and Ruby will be in Kyrgyzstan starting in December for an extended time.  More details on this at a later blog.
  •  Pastor David and Jayne will conduct a training of trainers in the area of Trauma for a ministry in Mexico in January.
  • We will be purchasing up to four commercial sewing machines for Jeremiah House - and Ruby's mother will join the team and start the first of the sewing classes.  This will be followed by a national person being hired to teach the Jeremiah House youth how to make national crafts.  Be prepared - we hope to have things for sale by the end of 2014!!!!
  • Jeremiah Youth are selecting their schools.  Ira has hers selected - Vika is yet to select.  Each of these schools will be higher learning and require tuition - might you want to sponsor one of the youth for school?
  • Life Skill Classes will resume once school starts - Red River youth will return for additional classes - it was a grand success this last year.


Plans and moving forward with a fast pace:

1.    Mentoring program – training team to join our on the ground staff.  This team will come from Ukraine and teach our Kyrgyzstan coordinators.  This mentoring program is a standardized program which will involve our local church, other NGO leaders and workers in the orphanage….plus volunteers that we will find from different areas.  These mentors will be working directly with the children in the orphanages.  You might know this better as a program similar to “big brothers, big sisters.”  We are expecting this to be conducted in April 2014.
2.    Short Term Mission Team -  We will be taking a team to Kyrgyzstan in March, 2014.  Now is the time to sign up!  March 15 – 25, 2014.

3.    Social Worker Team – This team will be working with us to strengthen the pilot of the foster care program.  We have a university interested in being in partnership with us for this.  Students would help design, develop and implement a pilot program that will start our work with the Tokmok mayor’s office in developing THEIR FOSTER CARE PROGRAM. 
4.    Samaritan’s Feet – We are blessed to have our partners – Samaritan’s Feet joining our LAMb Team in three different venues – Kyrgyzstan and in Nicaragua.  Very exciting.  March – Kyrgyzstan; June – Kyrgyzstan and November 2014 – Nicaragua.
5.    Woman’s Conference – We have a Barnabas team going to Nicaragua to conduct a woman’s conference.  This short term LAMb International mission trip will be in Managua area this August – blessing and encouraging women.  We have five mighty women going to conduct this conference.
6.    Barnabas – Pastor Glen continues traveling to Nicaragua – working with a key group of pastors.
7.    ABC KIDS, Scripture Memorization Program for Kids – Pastor Glen has many ideas of ensuring this book gets into the hands of kids in Nicaragua and El Salvador.   You can help make this happen as well.  Let us tell you how!


We are working with several churches and NGO’s to conduct this spring conference.  We have the international leader of World Without Orphans lined up to attend and a strong group of nationals on the ground in Kyrgyzstan ready to make it happen.  Stay tuned – as this is VERY EXCITING.  LAMb International is excited to be conducting this conference!

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