Wednesday, November 21, 2012


We are so pleased with our team in Kyrgyzstan.  They work tirelessly in helping those without hope an dignity.  Today we received this email from our Country Director and Residential Manager.  See is this doesn't just warm your heart.  Dayspring is a home for five little girls living there and one little girl we have in rehabilitation for a time.  Six little girls.  Our goal is to reunite the girls with their family where possible...and here is a request from our team in how this might happen for one little girl named Anya...

ANYA'S MOTHER HAS BEEN WORKING TO GET HER CHILDREN BACK - ANYA FROM DAYSPRING AND HER BROTHERS FROM ANOTHER FACILITY....  here our staff are wondering how they can help...they are talking about Anya's mother..


So today talking to her , and listening to her I understood one thing, she doesn't know what people want from her, and she doesn't know what "clean" means. I know that she grew up without parents herself, so may be she really doesn't know how.

Actually today I was looking at the house from a different view, I think it is quite possible for all the family to live there, one room could be for the boys, she has just four beds there now, but space can be saved by putting double beds and then a table could fit there, there is one small kind of a room, but right now it is full of boxes and loads of clothes that no one wears, if this room will be cleaned it is possible to put a bed there, and wall can be mabe of a small wardrobe, then it coud be Ania's space. I mean it is possible to do something there.

So today we talked, ..... she was just scared ...... Then we decided that Costa and Madlen will take her on Friday and they will go to the govermental office, to those people who placed them in this house, to see what is possible to do with the documents. And I had this idea, what if I, Zuhra and Madlen, and may be some ladies from the church who want to help will come to her place, help her clean everything, show her what clean is, and then we will visit her ones a week to see if she can learn and keep it. Cause she is a hard working woman.

What do ypu think of it?

This might not seem like much to most, but for this mother and for this effort - who knows, maybe we can get her home and help her maintain a healthy and safe place for her children.  And this IS THE GOAL OF DAYSPRING - PERMANENCY FOR CHILDREN.  ONE CHILD AT A TIME.


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