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We are so pleased to have our team heading to Nicaragua today.  Glen is leading the team of three.  Ed, Wayne and Glen have a big job - working with 32 pastors from villages and small towns from around Nicaragua.  This is the second of three different camps they are holding in Nicaragua.  The first was in March.  This one June 10-16 and the third will follow in the fall. Highlighted below are some details of the work in Nicaragua - words of Glen to us:

Because of your help I am now preparing for our second of three “Pastor’s Time Outs” in Nicaragua this year.  I will be hosting around 30 pastors. 

Virtually every one of these pastors live and minister in small towns and villages.  They subsist from day to day.  Their homes are small and simple.  Some resemble tin sheds.  Because these brothers have known no other way, for the most part they do not regard themselves as poor.  Seldom (if ever) do they complain about their plight in life.  The sense of entitlement we in the west frequently fall victim to is non-existent.

I wish you could have been with me as we wrapped up our conference in February.  In four short days we had cultivated a bond of friendship with these men that is difficult to describe.  With hugs all round we said our good-byes!

Their feedback was uplifting!  Pastor Alejandro Soto writes:  “We are so grateful for your investment in our growth as pastors.  We don’t have the resources to be able to attend a Bible school but the knowledge that we were able to get from this camp is of great help…”  Pastor Manuel Aragon writes:  “Thank you dear brothers for investing in our country.  If we would have teachers like you we would be able to do a better job…”   Pastor Juan Garcia writes:  “Please don’t stop supporting us!”   Pastor Silva adds:  “What you all have invested will give much fruit in our churches.  Please thank every sponsor!” 

As you can see from the email from Glen - gratitude and welcome hearts await our team landing in Nicaragua today - Sunday, June 10, 2012.  Please keep them in your prayers and be ready to hear some good reports from them in future blogs!

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