Thursday, September 15, 2011


Lynn and I were blessed to serve in Kherson, Ukraine at a conference for adoptive and foster parents. We were there to work with the parents, but also had a wonderful opportunity to do one session each day with the older children. It was awesome and we received so much more than we might have been able to give.

It did not take long before the children were gathering around us each time we were out in the public areas. It was delightful to have them so open and come up to us - foreigners - and tell us their name. In this picture are two of the younger children that really thought Lynn was the BEST! Every time they say him - they would come running. I snapped this photo as he was sitting with them and showing them some photos from the conference. We don't know their stories - but you can see their hearts in this photo.

Interest and delight!! What joy children can bring.

The parents at this conference are all Ukrainians and the children have been adopted from the orphanages. Again - a reminder of the movement toward a UKRAINE WITHOUT ORPHANS.

NEXT STOP? KYRGYZSTAN - WE LEAVE A WEEK FROM SATURDAY. STAY TUNED FOR WHAT GOD HAS IN STORE. WE WILL "just show up and stop for the one HE puts in front of us." And - the update on Dayspring - hopefully we can introduce you to the children coming to Daysping...children you can "adopt" in your hearts from afar.

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