Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Again and again we quote the phrase - "We want to show up and stop for the one in front of us." This phrase is more important than ever before. Kyrgyzstan is a country where some feel they need to flee and leave the work behind for others to accomplish.

In the past, we have been there to see the country struggle to move forward. We were there when the revolution took place, we returned to see devastation continuing as the country faced brutal ethnic violence. And now we just are waiting to return. Some would ask why - we can only say "Why not."

Our team is geared up for a full return. Partners John, Julie, Bekka, and Emma Wright will be there in just over a week. David and Jayne Schooler will follow about three weeks later and we will arrive just after the Schoolers.

We have a lot of work to do.
1. We are working hard to open the first foster home - a home for 10 children we will be working to find permanent homes for. This is a pilot project, and we will work with government to help them see how they can work with the churches to find and prepare families who will adopt, foster or be a resource.

2. The senior home needs heat for the upstairs, coal for the winter and the residents are waiting for our return to "just show them the love of God" by being there with them.

3. The Iskra home for the disabled men - we have more projects to start. We want to see them developing - not just vegetating. We will bring a team of professionals to teach them to use what they have to do physical therapy. Two residents want to go to Bible College and need our support and encouragement to make this happen. And there is the ever present need for food, clothing and medical support.

4. The baby hospital awaits our arrival. The floor still needs completed, there are beds to be bought and supplies needed to ensure babies are given their daily needs.

5. The baby orphanage still wants more training and help. There are babies needing medical support and surgeries.

7. Mercy Foundation continues to grow and develop their programs - The work of ministry of this organizations is a primary activity for our team.

10. There are cell groups to be conducted in our homes, bringing hope and dignity to those hurting and suffering from the present day trials.

11. And as always there is the work of ministry that surrounds all that we do. It is to follow the calling we know in our hearts is there - To Show Up and Stop for the One in Front of Us! The Great Commission reminds us to "....teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you...." Matthew 28:20. And what has He commanded? "......to visit orphans and widows in there affliction......" James 1:27.

Our team will be there - to help pick up the pieces left from the devastation - whereas ever we can....as there are now:
destroyed buildings,
lost families,
destroyed homes,
missing children,
dignity ripped away,
hope lost,
and worst of all - there are more orphans.

Please consider helping us - we cannot do it alone. The video tells the story of the devastation. Help is all we ask. Just help us - pray, share and love.

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